the wronged wife is wrong

Julia Baird writes in the SMH at the weekend that the demonstrative ex-senator in the United Sates who communicates by way of photos of his paraphernalia on Facebook is now standing for election for Mayor of New York. And he has done it again. More lewd messages sent to maidens and more exposure of his member. And he warned – there was yet even more to be revealed.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near such a sleaze – but evidently his wife thinks he is salvageable – and like Hillary Clinton before her, continues to provide support.

But who do you think got the blame for the exposure?

Not the stupid man as Julia Baird points out. The focus was all on the wife.

Evidently the headlines in the New York Post were big and bold and stated WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? Rush Limbaugh called her a doormat. And there were other forms of abuse indicating just how wrong she was.

But as Julia Baird perceptively states


(SMH, JULY 27/28 P8)

Is there a word that encompasses this?

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