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… from Second Chance – the only charity in Australia that exclusively raises money for homeless women. We are 10 professional women who have day jobs (and produced three babies with two more on the way). We are volunteers with no overheads, have no buildings and pay no wages. And we make a difference in the lives of countless women.

Very shortly, Molly Hitchcock, who has been with us for three years skilfully managing the committee and our strategies, will return to the UK. We don’t think we can do without her. She may become our first international and virtual committee member!

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  1. Mary-Beth O'Brien says

    Web reference (link) in wikipaedia regarding second chance programme doesn’t connect to the page reference
    Thanks for all your wonderful work.

  2. Mary-Beth O'Brien says

    I Iook forward to more info on the second chance programme as the idea of housing as a basic human right goes unrecognised as a major issue directly effecting health.
    Betty Churcher provided inspiration being one of the women to draw my attention to this fundamental of basic needs in the 1980’s.

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