role reversal: the real sex revolution

The very early feminists argued that women’s greatest handicap was financial dependence: while ever men controlled the purse-strings they exerted great power over those who needed the money. This is why financial independence – and the education that was necessary to achieve it – were among the first demands of the feminist platform. Centuries of […]

whats in a name?

Married or unmarried, young or old, tall or short, women can be guaranteed to be a ‘lesser’ form and to lower the tone. There was a time when  (mainly English) upper class men had such prestigious names as Beverley, Francis, Evelyn and Shirley.  Yet as soon as these ‘good’ names were chosen by parents for […]

Books that make you RE-THINK! – “The Richer Sex”

Liza Mundy is an award winning Washington Post reporter and author; her latest book is –  THE RICHER SEX: How the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming our culture  (Simon and Schuster)  40% of American wives now earn more than their husbands and one of the results has been an extraordinary spike in the […]